Monday, September 11, 2017

Independence Day Indonesia!

12th day

Thursday, 17th August 2017 was indepence day of Indonesia. I was so sad that I couldn’t attend the ceremony with other Indonesian in Indonesian Embassy. Because I was still in the school and couldn’t leave the school at the moment. I felt better already in the morning, so I attended the daily ceremony in the school with students and other teachers. When the ceremony was on going, I was imagine that I attended Independence ceremony of Indonesia, even I sang National athem of Indonesia. I wished that I could go the Indonesian Embassy... okay moved on!

So, I observed 2 class; Mattayom 2/4 and Mattayom 2/2 each of them for 1 period. After finished the class, I asked Ajarn Suporn whether could I take a video of them or no. She said yes, so I asked the students to say “Selamat Ulang Tahun Indonesia, Sukses Selalu”, although I couldn’t attend the ceremony, I was happy because I could take video of them say that words.

Also I met Ajarn Muna, she is a Muslim teacher in the school. Nice to meet you, Ajarn Muna ^^

Not That Good Day for Me

11th day

Wednesday, 16th August 2017 was not my day. I felt headache and I can’t attend the ceremony, so I asked a permission to Ajarn Suporn, whether I could attend the ceremony or not. She said no problem, she also had headache. So I stayed in the office, my head was really sick, so I told Wiwin and Abel that I was not feeling well. After that, they went to my office and gave me the medicine. I took the medicine, Ajarn Suporn really taking care of me. She even made me some milk and also give me fruit, rambutans. At that moment, I also can’t do observation of my mentor, Ajarn Suporn said that I had to take a rest in the office. So that day, I was just stay in office, also waiting Wiwin to finished her job, so we could go back together to our dormitory and had some rest.

Observing Day 1

10th day

Tuesday, 15th August 2017 was officially the first day in school. We attend the school’s ceremony, in this school we have daily ceremony at 7.20 AM, before that, we had our breakfast in canteen, I ordered nasi kuning in canteen.

After we finished the ceremony, I went to my office. My office is in the Mathematic Department. I had my own desk in the office. I met my mentor, she is Ajarn Suporn. I also met other Maths teacher in the office, they were so nice and friendly. My office is next to Wiwin’s office, so I and Wiwin often meet each other.

Ajarn Suporn gave me her schedule, so I would know her schedule. On that day, I observed my mentor in Mattayom 2 (Grade 8), the topic was about Measurement Area. I sat behind the students, my mentor explained the topic in Thai, I can’t understand what she said but I know the topic. After observation, I went to my office and talked about the materials. Ajarn Suporn gave me Math textbook, but it was in Thai. I said that I couldn’t read Thai, so Ajarn Wi searched some textbooks in English. Fortunately they had textbooks in English. I was kind of worry, because Momo told me that there is no English Program in this school, they learn it all with Thai. I hope when the day time is coming for me to teach, they would understand what I would say.